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Homefield Tailgate partners with The Sandbag Store

Homefield Tailgate has partnered with The Sandbag Store to bring you quality sandbags to support the stability of your tailgate table. We recommend using a saddle sandbag to put over the leg frame structure during inclement weather such as high winds or wind gusts.

Saddle Sandbags get their name from their two-pocket design, which resemble, when being carried or draped over items. Saddle Sandbags are used almost exclusively to add weight (to hold something in place). Props, scenery, and music stands are a just few examples of items that had to be secured by saddle sandbags during live performances.

Now you won’t need to worry about your tailgating set up even during inclement weather because of the partnership with Homefield Tailgate and The Sandbag Store.

Homefield Tailgate even has a 5% discount with The Sandbag Store when you visit and enter the coupon code of “HFTailgate”.