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Traffic can make one’s mind wonder, specially if you’re wondering how you could pull the tailgate off the truck in front of you and turn it into a free standing table. That’s pretty much how the Homefield Tailgate™ was born, well, with imagination and a pad of paper with a pencil! Everything about the unprecedentedHomefield Tailgate™ is authentic to being a tailgate. You’ll set it up and take a walk around it to see that it appears to be a tailgate from a 360* view. First there were pencil sketches, then graphic designs, then more pencil sketches, and more graphic designs. Next there were manufacturing companies, traveling, manufacturing companies, and more traveling. Now our production is underway and the Homefield Tailgate™ has actually materialized! Gone are the days of searching your garage for whatever might work for a tailgate party. Now all your tailgating gear is centered around your new Homefield Tailgate™!