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The Entrepreneurial Vision Continues

The vision continues as we move forward with our second phase of production. Thanks to the hard work and honest dialogue with our domestic manufacturer, an awesome prototype has spurred us to making new improvements for the unprecedented lineup of Homefield Tailgates that will change the face of tailgating.

Just as making a car, the production line brings challenges that must be overcome. It also brings about creative thoughts to make the product even better. We’re so looking forward to bringing Homefield Tailgate to sports fans for the upcoming football season. When you're shopping for a tailgate table, think of us at Homefield Tailgate!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website at so you can be up to date with our progress and availability. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm thus far and know that you’ll love using your Homefield Tailgate at your biggest games, parties, or any other occasion where you want to lift up the environment!