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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, aka FAQ:

Our question to you is:  "How Are You Tailgating?"

We hope to answer your questions and add to your interest in having your very own Homefield Tailgate table.  Should you have any further questions that aren't listed on this page, please email us at or call us at (615) 930-1400.

Q:  Where can someone use their Homefield Tailgate?

A:  Anywhere you like.  Homefield Tailgate is a free standing table that collapses completely and folds up be a replica of a truck's tailgate.  We have seen the table used in the backyard patio, family room, kitchen, or even at the office.

Q:  Do you attach the Homefield Tailgate to the back of your truck?

A:  No.  With Homefield Tailgate, you don't need a truck.  You have your tailgate all by itself, as it is a free standing table that looks like a tailgate from a 360 degree view.  There's no need to back up a truck for a tailgate party, all you need it to bring your Homefield Tailgate.

Q:  Where can I purchase a Homefield Tailgate?

A:  Currently, Homefield Tailgate is only sold online at  

Q:  Can I purchase a Homefield Tailgate in multiple colors?

A:  Currently, all tables are made in "Away Silver" so that any college or professional team logo will look great against the silver background color.