Homefield TailgateTM
"The Official Table of Tailgating"TM

Homefield Tailgate” brings the atmosphere and excitement of stadium tailgating to wherever your tailgate party may be; inside the home, backyard patio, or even the corporate office. The purpose of our table is to enhance any tailgate party with the resemblance of an actual tailgate backed up to your party. Our table will be made to be durable and functional, while attracting attention with its creative design.
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Your Homefield Tailgate completely folds “Down” with its legs underneath just like other folding tables. This allows for easy transporting whether it’s to and from the stadium for the big game or for easy storage in your garage after you have your friends over to tailgate at your house. With Homefield Tailgate, you can tailgate anywhere and any time!
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“Set” up your Homefield Tailgate is as easy as unfolding the legs and standing it up wherever you want it to be. This could be in the stadium parking lot or even in your backyard next to your pool when you invite your friends over to watch the big game. Imagine the reaction of your friends when they arrive and see you have a tailgate at your tailgate party!
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To make your Homefield Tailgate complete, just “Hike” (lift) up the tailgate to the upright position and you’re now ready for the game... or pregame! The Homefield Tailgate in the upright position keeps the spirit of your tailgate party going even when it is full of food and party supplies. The Homefield Tailgate puts the tailgate at your party from a 360 degree view!
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We're Changing The Face of Tailgating... Forever!

When was the last time you could just buy a tailgate without buying a truck?     Never!

Our Homefield Tailgate is unprecedented when it comes to tailgating equipment! And our first production line will sell out.  Be one of the first 
to have your own Homefield Tailgate.   

When your team is playing away, you've still got Homefield! When you can't get tickets to the game, you've still got Homefield! At your next tailgate party, let others bring the party... and you bring the tailgate! Homefield Tailgate!

Call us: 615-930-1400     Email us: info@homefieldtailgate.com
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